The Belt System and Graduation Requirements for Juniors and Adults

  • Yellow Belt - 25 Stripes and Two Months Minimum Training
  • Orange Belt - 30 Stripes and Three Months Minimum Training
  • Green Belt - 35 Stripes and Three Months Minimum Training
  • Blue Belt - 40 Stripes and Three Months Minimum Training
  • Purple Belt - 45 Stripes and Four Months Minimum Training
  • Brown Belt - 50 Stripes and Five Months Minimum Training
  • Red Belt - 55 Stripes and Five Months Minimum Training
  • Red w/ White Stripe- 60 Stripes and Six Months Training
  • Red - Black Belt- 65 Stripes and Six Months Minimum Training
  • Deputy Black Belt - 85 Stripes and Seven Months Minimum Training
  • 1st Degree Black Belt - 1 year
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt -  2 years

How It Works

The student begins with a White Belt. At the end of each class, they receive a attendance stripe. After reaching your required attendance stripes a student will receive a black graduation stripe. Once students receive a black graduation stripe and have achieved the minimum length of training, they will be tested. If they have mastered their current belt level material they will be issued a graduation form to graduate to their next belt. Students progress one belt at a time all the way to Deputy Black Belt. Once the student receives a Deputy Black Belt, the student receives 6 months of specialized training designed to review, peak and prep the student mentally and physically. All of the graduation requirements for Black Belt will be reviewed in detail during these 6 months. It is our goal that our students will be in the very best mental and physical shapes of their lives for Black Belt Graduation. (White Belts with color stripes are used in the Little Dragons Programs for 5-7 year olds. 

The Graduation Process

The Des Plaines Martial Arts System is unique. Our school has developed a program which allows students to learn and develop Martial Arts skills in a very rewarding and effective manner. The system allows the student to develop speed, flexibility, balance, strength and confidence with each new belt. Each new belt brings the student one step closer to their ultimate goal: Black Belt.